City Services


The Office of City Clerk serves as the technical administrative liaison for all official action between the City Council and the Mayor, as provided by State law and City code.

The City Clerk also maintains certain City records and documents, including official minutes, resolutions and ordinances of all Council meetings. Also, files are maintained covering City contracts, agreements, property deeds, city boards and agency appointments, and other City records as required by State Law or City regulations.

item title=”Planning & Zoning”

The Planning Department staff is responsible for the administration of the City’s Land Use Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Subdivision Regulations. The Department reviews any new development plans or any proposed change in use throughout the City of Smiths Station.

item title=”Storm Water”

Smiths Station is an MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) as designated by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Water Act.  “Separate storm sewer system” includes ditches, curbs, gutters, storm sewers, and similar means of collecting or conveying runoff that does not connect with a wastewater collection system or treatment plant.  As stormwater flows with gravity, it picks up pollutants along the way which end up in our creeks and streams.  These local waterways flow directly into our state waterways.  Follow the links below to see the city’s latest annual reports as required by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. 

City of Smiths Station Storm Water Management Program Plan

Environmental and Storm Water resources

item title=”Code Enforcement”

The Smiths Station Code Enforcement Division is committed to ensuring that all municipal regulations are followed.

item title=”Solid Waste”

Normal pick up days is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Fran Remmington Environmental Clerk

NOTE – Solid Waste pick-up is only available to residents within the city limits.

If your property adjoins a property that is located inside the city and you would like to receive garbage pickup, contact the planning and zoning division at 334-297-8771 regarding annexation procedures.  There is no charge to annex into the City.

item title=”Business License”

Any company or person conducting business in Smiths Station is required to obtain a City of Smiths Station business license prior to commencing business activity. City business licenses expire on December 31st of each year and a business license must be renewed for each year that the business is in operation.


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item title=”Parks & Recreation”

League Information

Boys Baseball: 
Smiths Station Dixie Youth Baseball

T-Ball & Girls Softball: 
Smiths Station Dixie Girls Softball

Smiths Station Panther Youth Football

Smiths Station Youth Soccer

Smiths Station Sports Complex

3160 lee rd 242, Smiths Station, AL

item title=”Recycling” open=”

Recycling Bins are located at the Smiths Station Sports Complex and behind the Government Center